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Sebore International Farms Ltd. (SIFL) is a Nigerian Registered integrated sector market leader specialized in dairy industry, eco energy, and urban-rural industrialisation.

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What we do

At SIFL, we leverage technology and relationships with dairy farmers in the host community to provide consumers with milk and dairy products manufactured using high-quality raw milk in Adamawa's magnificent natural environment.

Even beyond agriculture, we believe in a future where energy is consistently available for all as it is crucial in human development; this belief fuels our path in Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs), the future of energy sources.

As an Integrated Renewable Energy Company, our independent power production makes electric power available through sustainable innovation to benefit rural and even urban communities, thereby creating opportunities for the rural communities to thrive.

Also, we are a licensed active free zone under the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA). Our goal as an Export Processing Zone is to contribute to social-economic development by boosting national export growth and diversification, creation of jobs and income, and promoting technology and skill transfers.

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Our forward-thinking leadership team is made up of professionals who are committed, centered, and experienced. Their expertise and experience come together as they collaborate with each other and with our employees to make a difference for all of our stakeholders, including farmers, healthcare providers, workers, investors, and communities in Nigeria.

Aminu M. Nyako
Aminu M. NyakoManaging Director and C.E.O


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Sebore International Farms Limited, KM 12. Mayo Belwa – Ngurore Road, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

+234 706 125 8284


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