Ayana Holding secures ‘Industrial Park’ project in Nigeria to optimize the country’s development

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UAE’s leading conglomerate, Ayana Holding, has recently partnered with ‘Sebore’ in northeastern Nigeria to enhance the region’s strong agricultural base and strengthen its economy.

The project will bring enormous benefits to Nigeria’s booming population of over 230 million; facilitating the process of urbanization, significantly improving the country’s infrastructure, and boosting its economic development. Ayana’s real estate development vision will support PPP/ BOT projects in various asset classes. Sustainable energy, transportation, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries are a core focus to enhance overall standard of living and stimulate broader growth of Nigeria. Ayana’s vast industry knowledge and technology transfer capabilities will be a catalyst for Nigeria’s future development plans.

Sebore was established in 1982 and is engaged in Horticulture, Aquaculture, Feed Production, and Dairy and Cattle Farming. Sebore will develop its existing agro-business and Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and transform it into an industrial hub that promotes, attracts, and facilitates export-orientated investments.

With only around 45% of the country connected to the electricity grid, such projects have been constrained by power shortage in the past, Ayana plans on developing this by adding a pharma- ceutical plant, solar farm, power plant, substation, and a telecom tower all within the vicinity.

Across 450 hectares, Ayana Holding’s architectural and master planning firm, VX Studio, will design and develop an intricate masterplan of the area to include industrial units, offices, retail, staff accommodation, community facilities such as schools, post office, and healthcare, hotel, public transport, roads, water, playgrounds, parks, waste management facility, and an irrigation facility.

There will also be greater opportunities for local and international investors, as a member of Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA), Sebore benefit from duty and tax-free importation, as well as breaks from Federal, State, and Local Government tax, which significantly reduces the capital investment required to start business operations.

“We look forward to enhancing the agricultural sector in Nigeria and contributing to the rapid growth of its mixed economy. We have high hopes for this industrial park and future opportunities in the region.” – Hamid Kerayechian, CEO and co-founder of Ayana Holding

Ayana Holding is currently implementing its expansion plans across Africa, North America, CIS, and Europe. Its strong portfolio of companies includes Opaal Interiors, Ayana Properties, Atlas Asset Management, Nioum for Building Materials, Manya Décor for Project Management and Fit-Out, Detay Living for FF&E and Furniture Procurement, M2L Concepts for Entertainment Concepts, ALTtech for IT In-frastructure, Brand Capital Creative Agency, Xplor for Destination Marketing, and Ayana Capital Investment Advisory.