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Farm technology is constantly evolving, and we keep up with the standard for optimal quality.

By utilizing the best innovation on our farm, we are able to be more efficient in our work and delivery. State-of-the-art technology is used for milk and dairy production, and the processes involved (ranging from the receipt of raw milk to cooling, pasteurization, and packaging) are automated.

Our priority is to reduce or eliminate any time and resource wastage, unnecessary cost, and mistakes while attaining the process objective of creating quality products.

SIFL’s manufacturing is based on a strict sanitation management system under which inspections are extensively conducted. We proactively maintain and optimize our production and logistic chains. SIFL’s safety and security are supported by this strict system and the company’s employees' high awareness.

Increasing Yield

At SIFL, we have seen an increase between 12%and 40% in milk yields.

Reduced Cost

Our farmers have seen a cost reduction of up to15% over traditional feeds


As women are the primary owners of cows, extra income feeds in socio-economic benefits.

Renewable Energy

We are eco-friendly and invest in renewable energy to power SILF and its environs

Rural technology inclusion

There is so much to love about dairy. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, and, of course, butter. However, the real beauty is the wealth of scientifically-backed nutritional benefits. Check out the facts below to learn how dairy can keep your family healthy through every stage of life.


Our philosophy is self-sufficiency as an organization and for the country in food production. Governments all over the world are interested in the potential of value chains to develop agriculture and contribute to food security, we are stepping up to this demand. SIFL supports the farm value chain by producing for our customers feed for various livestock:


Excellent cow care is an expectation here at SILF. Our cows are cultivated on land with an area of approximately 2000hectares of land in Belwa, the home of SIFL.

We set the highest standards for our cows' care when it comes to health, facilities and housing, nutrition, equipment, and milking procedures.

Our cold storage unit is equipped with temperature monitoring technology to maintain consistent and adjustable temperature. This is to retain the quality and lasting preservation of our products to the satisfaction of our consumers. We also ensure cleanliness around the facility.


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